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We are a PROFESSIONAL corporation. We are attorney assisted and thoroughly qualified with  many years of EXPERIENCE you can count on. We are registered with the County of San Bernardino as Legal Document Assistants authorized to prepare legal documents.  We are licensed and bonded.  The Immigration Consultant/Paralegal has more than 20 years experience in Immigration Law, which includes family petitions, citizenship, TPS, consular processing, adjustment of status, renewal of green card, and Deportation Hearing Representation Skills.  Olivia Mustelier is certified through the Immigration Legal Resource Center, Immigration Law Center, she is a graduate of California State University; San Bernardino with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and is certified as Paralegal by California State University and as an Immigration Consultant with the California Secretary of State.  We are certified by  the California Secretary of State and 


Olivia Mustelier has worked alongside top Immigration Attorneys, and has extensive experience in Immigration Law.  She has assisted the best lawyers in preparing cases to be heard in the Executive Office for Immigration Review, Immigration Court and has had huge success in the approval rates.  She has assisted attorneys in filing appeals with the Board of Immigration of Appeals, and preparing opening briefs to be filed with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Paying very close attention to detail, experience, and caring about the client’s case is what makes this corporation different from any other.  We professionally prepare documents at the direction of the client.


Other services: freelance paralegal work also often referred to as contract paralegal work providing services to attorneys on a contract basis. Meeting deadlines is one of our top priorites.

We are not a Law Firm. We do not provide legal representation or do not give legal advice at any level in any manner at any Department of Homeland Security agency, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, local District office, Consular Post, Immigration Court, Department of Justice, or at any Superior Court.  Nothing in this website constitutes, or should be interpreted to mean, advice of any kind.



Services Offered
  • Immigration Law

  • Prepare Employment Authorization Application

  • Renewal of Permanent Resident Card

  • Renewal of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)

  • DED

  • Remove Conditions of Residence

  • Visa Lottery Program (Green Card Lottery)

  • TPS (El Salvador and other designated countries)

  • Adjustment of Status Applications


  • VAWA (self-petition for victim of domestic violence)

  • FOIA

  • Cancellation of Deportation (preparation of application) 

  • Family Unity

  • Fiancée Petitions 

  • K-Visa

  • U-Visa Applications (Domestic Violence & Crime Victims)

  • V-Visa Applications 

  • Provisional Waivers 

  • Family Petitions (petition your husband, wife, child, adult child, married adult child & brother and sister) 

  • DACA – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

  • Concurrent filing under 245i

  • Naturalization Applications and Fee Waivers

  • Amnesty

  • Registry (Permanent Residence for pre-72 entry)

  • Consular Processing 

  • Citizenship

  • Derivative Citizenship

  • Preparation of Affidavit of Support

  • Tourist/Business Visa extensions 

  • Interpreter

  • Document translations from Spanish to English and vice versa.


  • Civil/Family Law/Criminal Law:

  • Divorces (no children) 

  • Expungements (clean criminal record)

  • Certificate of Rehabilitation

  • Governor’s Pardon

  • Declarations

  • Fee Waivers

  • Prenuptial Agreements

  • Small Claim Lawsuit



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